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Celebrating VCU!

You Don't Want to go to War with The Rams...

Today we are celebrating Virginia Commonwealth University!

This design was HAND-DRAWN with collaborative input from a group of passionate alumni, fans, faculty, and locals. We have worked with each school's licensing department, president's office, athletics department, and alumni to capture and illustrate the essence of the college.

BONUS: Our VCU design is officially licensed, which means that a significant portion of each sale goes straight back to the school in the form of scholarships, recreational programs, and more!

Jeff Auth at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA (]

Some highlights from our VCU artwork:

  1. The Peppas Pep Band
  2. VCU Arts
  3. The Fan
  4. A nod to fashion
  5. The Quad
  6. James River
  7. James Branch Cabell Library
  8. VCU Basketball
  9. The Egyption Building
  10. VCU Health

And so much more! We hope this design sparks joy and school pride for you—whether you are a current student, alumni, or just a Rams fan!

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