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Tell Your Story

Everyone has a life story to share - a home, a happy place, a state of mind - and we love nothing more than hearing about where our artwork has found a home. From collections of glasses that celebrate the places you’ve been, to pillows that have been handed down from generation to generation - joyful memories arise from our artwork. That’s the heartbeat of catstudio and the reason we keep on doing what we do.

Here's some #mycatstudiostory inspiration from Sierra, assistant creative director at catstudio.

"My collection of glasses brings me and my family joy. We use them everyday (hello, dishwasher!) and it's always fun to reach into the cupboard and feel nostalgic about all the places that are special to us!"

Here's Carmel and Terrell's (the C and T of catstudio) #mycatstudiostory through our fine art prints collection.
What a meaningful way to commemorate the special places to you as a couple!

We invite you to Tell Your Story: send us an email, a snailmail,
or share your photos to Instagram with #mycatstudiostory.

Here’s to new friends, adventures, and most of all... stories!