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Try It Tuesday: Gift Baskets for Grads, Dads, and Everyone In Between!

A Tisket, a Tasket...

Who doesn't love a gift basket?! Get creative (and personal) by creating a custom gift basket for someone near and dear. PS. gift baskets also make fabulous gifts for grads and dads this time of year!

The wonderful thing about gift baskets is they are so versatile and can be tailored to what you know your recipient loves. For our basket today, we've created a thoughtful collection of glasses, dish towels, and some of our favorite yummy snacks. Shopping for gifts can be a little tricky these days with many stores still closed, so we were happy to be able to pick up some goodies to fill our basket at the local grocery store.

We've compiled a few tips and tricks to help you create the perfect basket. Enjoy!

Gift Basket Tips + Tricks

  • Give your basket a theme! Some examples might be:
    • Favorite Snacks
    • Grilling
    • Coffee/Tea
    • Culinary - think themes like taco night, Italian, local eats, etc
    • Movie Night
    • Game Night
    • Sports Fan
    • Self Care
    • First Home/Apt Essentials
  • Think beyond the basket! We've used a galvanized bucket which we thought our recipient would enjoy using at home after their gift is used. You could also repurpose a nice cardboard box, a small suitcase, a mixing bowl - you name it!
  • Filler Fun. We loved this crinkly yellow paper for our filler, but you could also use tissue paper, packing peanuts, tea towels, or newspaper.
  • Add a Personal Touch! Our glasses, dish towels, pouches, and thermal bottles are the perfect addition to any gift basket, and can help add that extra personal touch. Choose their favorite place to travel, home state, alma mater, or favorite sports team. Including something that says you really know them will take the basket from ordinary to extraordinary.