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Christmas & Holiday-Themed Home Decor & Gifts

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Why Choose catstudio's Holiday Home Decor?

Festive Designs 

Our holiday home decor features festive designs inspired by timeless Christmas decor traditions. Our designs contain whimsical illustrations like Christmas trees, Santa, wreaths, snowflakes, pine cones, and bouquets. They have everything that helps you get in the mood for the season.

With these, you can turn your living room or dining room into a winter wonderland in no time! Add home accents and now you have a home design theme ready to impress your holiday guests. 

Durable Materials 

Our holiday decor is built using top-notch materials, so you can count on it lasting through the busy holiday season, year after year. Choose our hand-embroidered pillows, wall decor, or thermal tumblers, and rest assured that your decorations will stay merry and bright if cared for right. 

Unique Gifts 

‘Tis the season to be a gift giver! Catstudio has you covered with presents that are sure to impress. Are you shopping for friends and family or treating yourself? Our holiday collection has something for everyone. Give the gift of joy with treasures like the “12 days of Christmas” hand-embroidered pillow or the “Night Before Christmas” birchwood tray

Our North Pole 1 Christmas thermal tumbler will bring you joy whenever you see it. Plus, it’s a great gift option that's more fun than 12 drummers drumming.

Looking for seasonal decor that you can use for Halloween, Easter, the New Year, or as a Christmas Day gift? Our fine art prints, dish towels, and trays will be perfect.

Versatile Decor 

Spruce up your holiday decor with items you can use all around the house. Are you hanging out dish towels, making your sofa cozy with our pillows, or serving festive drinks in our drinking glasses? That's sure to make your home merry. 

Deck the Halls with catstudio’s Treasures!

Explore catstudio’s holiday decor today and discover the perfect pieces to sprinkle joy throughout your home. 

So grab a cup of cocoa, cozy up by the fire, and browse our holiday guide for inspiration that will have you fa-la-la-la-ing all the way to checkout!

Ready to get inspired? Check out our holiday guide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Memorable Christmas gifts for grandchildren could include personalized storybooks, a cozy blanket with their name, a board game for family fun, a DIY craft kit, a special ornament, a classic toy with sentimental value, a customized piece of jewelry, a day out to a favorite attraction, or a heartfelt letter or video message. These gifts aim to create lasting memories and personal connections.
  • Unique and uncommon holiday-themed gifts include:
  • Customized Family Portrait Ornament: Adorn the tree with a unique keepsake.
  • Holiday Scented Candles: Unique scents evoking holiday memories.
  • DIY Hot Chocolate Kit: Combine gourmet ingredients for a cozy treat.
  • Customized Recipe Cutting Board: Engrave a cherished family recipe.
  • Botanical or Herb Growing Kit: Bring a touch of greenery indoors.
  • Personalized Book of Family Traditions: Capture and preserve special rituals.
  • Virtual Experience or Class: Gift a unique online workshop or activity.
  • Memory Jar: Encourage loved ones to jot down special memories.
  • Themed Puzzle or Board Game: Foster holiday bonding with unique games.
  • These gifts add a touch of creativity and personalization to the holiday season.
  • Classical holiday gifts for the home include:
  • Holiday-Themed Throw Blanket: Cozy and decorative for the living room.
  • Scented Candles: Choose classic holiday scents like cinnamon or pine.
  • Decorative Ornaments: Elegant ornaments for the Christmas tree.
  • Seasonal Tableware: Festive plates, glasses, and tablecloths for entertaining.
  • Nutcrackers: Classic and decorative figurines for the mantel or shelves.
  • Embroidered Linens: Holiday-themed table runners or napkins.
  • Classic Christmas Stockings: Hang by the fireplace for a timeless touch.
  • Holiday Baking Set: Festive bakeware or cookie cutters for holiday treats.
  • Framed Family Photo: A cherished memory in a festive frame.
  • These timeless gifts add a touch of holiday spirit to the home.
  • Themed Christmas gift ideas include:
  • Home Spa Day: Luxury bath products, scented candles, and a comfy robe.
  • Gourmet Treats: Specialty chocolates, artisanal cheeses, and fine wines.
  • Book Lover's Delight: Bestselling novel, cozy reading socks, and a personalized bookmark.
  • DIY Baking Kit: Cookie mix, festive cookie cutters, and holiday sprinkles.
  • Outdoor Adventure: Insulated water bottle, hiking socks, and a trail map.
  • Coffee Lover's Bundle: Gourmet coffee beans, stylish mug, and a coffee table book.
  • Tech Gadgets: Bluetooth speakers, smart home devices, or wireless earbuds.
  • Gardener's Gift Set: Floral seeds, gardening gloves, and a decorative plant pot.
  • Travel Enthusiast: Scratch-off map, travel-sized essentials, and a travel journal.
  • Choose a theme that aligns with the recipient's interests for a thoughtful and curated Christmas gift.
  • Creating a "12 Days of Christmas" themed gift series allows for a mix of thoughtful and festive presents. Here are some ideas:
  • Second Day: Two turtle doves can be symbolized by a pair of dove-shaped ornaments or dove-themed trinkets.
  • Third Day: Three French hens could be represented by a French cookbook, kitchen utensils, or even a cooking class.
  • Fourth Day: Four calling birds could be represented by a set of bird-themed Christmas tree ornaments or a bird-watching guide.
  • Fifth Day: Five golden rings could be symbolized by gold-colored accessories like jewelry or a decorative dish.
  • Sixth Day: Six geese a-laying could be represented by a goose feather pillow or cozy bedding.
  • Seventh Day: Seven swans a-swimming could be symbolized by a swan-shaped float or a beautiful swan-themed decoration.
  • Eighth Day: Eight maids a-milking could be represented by a set of gourmet milk-based treats or luxurious bath products.
  • Ninth Day: Nine ladies dancing could be symbolized by a dance-themed ornament or tickets to a dance performance.
  • Tenth Day: Ten lords a-leaping could be represented by a book on historical figures or a gift related to the recipient's interests.
  • Eleventh Day: Eleven pipers piping could be symbolized by a set of decorative pipes or a musical-themed gift.
  • Twelfth Day: Twelve drummers drumming could be represented by a decorative drum or a percussion instrument.
  • Tailor these ideas to the recipient's preferences for a personalized and festive "12 Days of Christmas" gift series.
  • To decorate like a Christmas carol, consider themes and elements inspired by classic songs. Here are ideas based on popular Christmas carols:
  • "Jingle Bells": Incorporate sleigh bells into your decor and focus on a silver and gold color scheme. Hang jingle bell garlands or use them as table centerpieces.
  • "Winter Wonderland": Create a serene scene with white and silver decorations, snowflake motifs, and touches of icy blue. Add faux snow or snow-dusted pine cones for a wintry atmosphere.
  • "Joy to the World": Highlight messages of joy by incorporating cheerful and bright colors. Use vibrant ornaments, colorful lights, and joyful signage throughout your space.
  • "Silent Night": Opt for a calming and elegant theme with soft white lights, candles, and muted colors. Add plush blankets and pillows for a cozy and tranquil setting.
  • "The Twelve Days of Christmas": Decorate each room with elements from the classic carol. For example, use partridge and pear decorations, turtle dove ornaments, and other items that represent the lyrics.
  • "Let It Snow": Decorate with snowflakes, snowmen, and other winter-themed items. Consider using faux snow to create a snowy landscape indoors.
  • "O Holy Night": Focus on nativity scenes, angelic decorations, and religious symbols. Use gold and white hues for an ethereal and reverent ambiance.
  • "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer": Incorporate reindeer decorations, red and white color schemes, and playful elements related to the beloved reindeer character.
  • "Santa Claus is Coming to Town": Feature Santa-themed decor with red and white colors, Santa figurines, and stockings hung with care.
  • Remember to add your personal touch and choose elements that resonate with the spirit of the Christmas carol you're inspired by. Whether it's traditional, whimsical, or serene, let the carol guide your decorating theme.
  • Traditional holiday gifts often include timeless and classic items that hold sentimental value. Here are some examples:
  • Warm Apparel: Scarves, gloves, and cozy sweaters for the winter season.
  • Holiday Ornaments: Decorative ornaments for the Christmas tree, often personalized or themed.
  • Scented Candles: Festive scents like pine, cinnamon, or gingerbread.
  • Board Games: Classic board games for family entertainment during the holidays.
  • Books: Beloved novels, classic literature, or a personalized book.
  • Photo Frames: Elegant frames for displaying cherished memories.
  • Cookware or Bakeware: Quality kitchen items for holiday cooking and baking.
  • Fine Wine or Champagne: Celebratory and often paired with a set of glasses.
  • Holiday Pajamas: Coordinated or festive pajama sets for cozy nights.
  • Gift Cards: From favorite stores or restaurants for a personalized touch.
  • Handcrafted Items: Homemade crafts, knitted goods, or DIY gifts.
  • Music or Movie Collections: CDs, vinyl records, or classic movie sets.
  • Personalized Calendars: Featuring family photos or custom artwork.
  • Winter Accessories: Hats, mittens, and earmuffs for staying warm.
  • These traditional gifts emphasize warmth, togetherness, and the spirit of the holiday season.
  • "Night Before Christmas" gift ideas often include items that contribute to a cozy and enjoyable evening before the holiday. Here are some thoughtful suggestions:
  • Hot Cocoa Kit: A set with gourmet hot chocolate, marshmallows, and festive mugs.
  • Christmas Books: Classic or new holiday-themed books for a cozy bedtime story.
  • Warm Blankets: Soft and plush blankets for extra warmth during the night.
  • Holiday Movie Night: DVDs or streaming service gift cards for a festive movie marathon.
  • Slippers or Socks: Comfy footwear for a snug and relaxing evening.
  • Aromatherapy Set: Essential oils, candles, or diffusers with soothing holiday scents.
  • Winter Skincare Kit: Moisturizers, lip balm, and other winter skincare essentials.
  • Festive Snacks: A basket of holiday treats or a selection of gourmet snacks.
  • Board Games or Puzzles: Family-friendly games for a night of laughter and fun.
  • Music Playlist: Create a curated playlist of favorite holiday tunes.
  • Candles: Scented candles or decorative candles to set a cozy atmosphere.
  • Personalized Ornaments: Ornaments with names or special dates for the tree.
  • DIY Craft Kits: Engage in a creative activity with DIY ornament or cookie decorating kits.
  • Bedtime Storybook: A special book to read before heading to bed on Christmas Eve.
  • These gifts set the stage for a warm, festive, and memorable Christmas Eve.