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Your favorite pillows... in MINI!

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They don't call it THE LAST BEST PLACE for nothing! This original design celebrates the State of Montana - from Bozeman, Billings, Big Mountain - BIG SKY COUNTRY and totally Beautiful!!!

The design is woven, then sewn into a 4-inch pillow ornament (complete with workable buttons and a mini pillow form!), with a cord for hanging from a Christmas tree, doorknob - you name it!
*Measures 4" x 4"
*Made in Thailand

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* The world's shortest river is the Roe River in Great Falls, MT. It is just over 200 feet.
* Montana contains part of an international peace park. Half of the natural park is in Canada, Waterton Lakes National Park, and half is in the USA, Glacier National Park.
* Montana is the only state with a triple divide. The water from Glacier National Park's Triple Divide Peak flow into rivers which then empty into the Hudson Bay, the Pacific, and the Atlantic.
* Flathead Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in the west (contains over 191 square miles of water).
* Yellowstone National Park is partially in Montana.
* Lolo Hot Springs in Montana is the location of the very first luge run ever built in North America (c.1965).
* catstudio designer, Sierra, was born and raised in Montana.
* Virginia City was founded in 1863. It has nearly 150 structures from the era and is considered to be a complete representation of an original western town.
* Alzada is closer to Dallam County, TX than to the Kootenai National Forest in NW Montana.
* A nationally recoognized Native language immersion school "Cuts Wood School" teaches students to use the Blackfeet language as a tool within a local context to produce fluent speakers.
* Loma holds the world record for the greatest recorded temperature change within 24 hours: -54F to 49F. This phenoenon was brought about by Chinook winds (warm winter winds that pass through the state).

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