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Frequently Asked Questions

The tumbler features a sizable cup equipped with a plastic lid and a convenient mouthpiece for easy sipping. The Thermos consistently boasts a secure screw cap and includes a plastic cover that doubles as a cup. The Thermos excels at securely containing beverages, virtually eliminating the possibility of leaks.
Tumblers are typically designed for cold drinks, but numerous stainless steel tumblers come with a double-wall construction that provides insulation for both hot and cold beverages.
Yes, tumblers can be excellent gifts for students, offering a practical and versatile way to carry both hot and cold beverages on the go.
The benefit of a metal tumbler lies in its durability, insulation properties, and versatility. Metal tumblers, often made of stainless steel, are robust, can keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods, and are resistant to breakage, making them suitable for various settings like commuting, outdoor activities, or daily use.
Thermal Tumblers maintain your beverage temperature. To savor hot coffees and teas, using traditional mugs often results in lukewarm drinks before consumption completion. Thankfully, these 12-oz insulated wine tumblers are ideal for keeping your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature.
Remove the lid and any other parts that are meant to come off, and hand wash in soapy warm water. You can air dry or dry with a soft towel. Some tumblers can go in the top dishwasher rack- check the label first.
To prevent scratches on your tumbler, avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, use a protective sleeve, and clean it with a soft sponge or cloth instead of abrasive materials.
Clean it after every use. Make sure it is super dry before storing it.
Some tumblers are dishwasher safe for the top rack. Check the labels to confirm before popping them in the dishwasher.
Perfect for afternoon sodas, iced espresso, cold brew coffee, and any other refreshing beverages you prefer— including your favorite adult drinks! The insulated design also ensures your drink stays warm when needed.