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Triple-Walled Thermal Bottles with Innovative Design

  • Missouri Thermal Bottle
    Missouri Thermal Bottle - catstudio
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Why Choose Catstudio’s Thermal Bottles?

Innovative Design

Never worry about losing your lid again. It was thoughtfully engineered with magnets to stay securely in place while you sip. 

Original Artwork

Each design is a masterpiece, hand-drawn from an enthusiast's perspective of famous states, schools, and cities. We collaborated with local mayors, friends, and people like you to capture the essence of your favorite places. 

Take home a tangible keepsake that celebrates your most cherished memories. Our best-seller thermal bottles are a reflection of the places that matter most.


Your health and convenience matter. You can trust our insulated water bottles to keep you hydrated without any worries. They’re BPA-free and leakproof, ensuring your safety as you sip through. 

Plus, these bottles are a breeze to clean with a simple hand wash. Grab your bottle, hit the road, and keep your cool—it's that easy. They are also dishwasher safe. 

Ideal for use with coolers, these bottles make refills super easy. Our travel mugs are also available on Amazon.

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