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  • Ohio State University Collegiate Dish Towel
    Ohio State University Collegiate Dish Towel - catstudio
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  • Ohio State University Collegiate Drinking Glass
    Ohio State University Collegiate Drinking Glass - catstudio
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  • Ohio State University Collegiate Embroidered Pillow
    Ohio State University Collegiate Embroidered Pillow - catstudio
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  • Ohio State University Collegiate Fine Art Print
    Ohio State University Collegiate Fine Art Print - catstudio
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  • Ohio State University Collegiate Thermal Tumbler
    Ohio State University Collegiate Thermal Tumbler (Set of 4) - PREORDER Thermal Tumbler catstudio
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  • Ohio State University Collegiate Zip Pouch
    Ohio State University Collegiate Zip Pouch - catstudio
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Why Choose catstudio’s Collegiate Collection?

Officially Licensed Artwork 

Our officially licensed artwork is a real deal, ensuring your alma mater gets the recognition it deserves. From the University of Alabama Collegiate drinking glass to the Appalachian State University Collegiate dish towel and Michigan State University Collegiate thermal tumbler, we've got all your favorite universities covered. 

Wide Range of Products

Check out our collection and discover gems like the Arizona State University Collegiate fine art print and the University of Arkansas drinking glass. With so much variety, finding the perfect item to flaunt your school pride has never been easier. 

And let's not forget the Auburn University Collegiate embroidered pillow—the perfect addition to your home decor or dorm room! Our products are built to last through every game day celebration and graduation party. 

Premium Quality Materials 

Our collegiate products are built to last! That means your school spirit will shine bright for years to come, no matter how many victories or defeats come your way! 

Perfect Gift for Every Occasion 

Surprise a fellow alum with a thoughtful dish towel, raise a toast to victory with our Collegiate drinking glasses, or add a touch of school pride to your living space with an embroidered pillow. The options are endless!

They’re perfect for any occasion, including Christmas, Graduation Day, Mother’s Day, etc. So why not win an award for the “most thoughtful gift giver?"

Celebrate your Alma Mater 

Are you reliving cherished memories or creating new ones? Our products remind you of the unforgettable experiences and lifelong connections formed during your university years. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Determining the "most popular" colleges can be subjective and depends on various factors such as academic reputation, size, location, and specific programs. However, some universities are widely recognized for their overall excellence. Harvard University (Massachusetts): Renowned for its academic excellence and history, Harvard is an Ivy League institution.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Globally recognized for its emphasis on science, engineering, and technology.
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Emphasizes science and engineering and is known for its research contributions.
  • Princeton University (New Jersey): Another Ivy League institution with a strong focus on undergraduate education and research.
  • University of California, Berkeley (California): A public university known for its academic rigor and research contributions.
  • University of Oxford (United Kingdom): While not in the U.S., Oxford is highly regarded globally for its long history and academic excellence.
  • University of Cambridge (United Kingdom): Like Oxford, Cambridge is an internationally recognized institution with a rich history.
  • Columbia University (New York): An Ivy League university with strong programs in various fields, including journalism and business.
  • Yale University (Connecticut): Known for its rigorous academic programs and historic campus.
  • These are just a few examples, and there are many other excellent universities across the United States and around the world, each with its own strengths and areas of expertise. The popularity and prestige of a university can vary based on individual preferences and academic interests and needs.
As of 2023, the top ten colleges, according to "America's Top Colleges" are: 1. Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey).
  • Several colleges are renowned for their selective admissions processes, making them among the most challenging to get into. Admission rates can vary from year to year, and factors such as high academic standards, rigorous application requirements, and a large number of qualified applicants contribute to a college's reputation for being difficult to gain admission to. Some of the colleges known for their low acceptance rates include:
  • Stanford University (California): Known for its emphasis on innovation and research, Stanford has a highly selective admissions process.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Renowned for science and technology programs, MIT is highly competitive in its admissions.
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech): Emphasizing science and engineering, Caltech has a reputation for a rigorous admissions process.
  • Princeton University (New Jersey): An Ivy League university with a highly competitive admissions rate.
  • Columbia University (New York): Known for its academic rigor, Columbia has a competitive admissions process.
  • Yale University (Connecticut): Another Ivy League institution with highly selective admissions.
  • University of Chicago (Illinois): Known for its intellectual atmosphere, the University of Chicago has a competitive admissions process.
  • Harvey Mudd College (California): A small liberal arts college with a focus on science and engineering, known for its challenging admissions.
  • Juilliard School (New York): Renowned for performing arts education, Juilliard has a highly selective admissions process.
  • Keep in mind that admission rates can change annually, and while these institutions are often associated with selective admissions, other colleges and universities may also have highly competitive admission processes based on specific programs and criteria.
  • Global top 20 universities by number of ultra high net worth alumni (>$30 million) per Altrata 2022:
  • Rank University Number
  • Harvard University 17,660
  • Stanford University 7,972
  • University of Pennsylvania 7,517
  • Columbia University 5,528
  • The Ivy League schools are:
  • Yale University
  • Princeton University
  • Columbia University
  • Dartmouth College
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Brown University
  • Cornell University
  • These prestigious institutions are known for their academic excellence and selective admissions.
People wear college merch for school pride, affiliation, as memorabilia, to support teams, for fashion and comfort, networking, and as gifts or souvenirs, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • To decorate your college-themed room:
  • Display Merchandise: Showcase school memorabilia, flags, or sports gear.
  • Frame Photos: Frame pictures from campus or events for a personal touch.
  • Wall Decals or Posters: Use decals or posters featuring your college's logo or landmarks.
  • Dorm Decor: Opt for functional dorm decor with storage solutions and school spirit.
  • DIY Crafts: Create DIY crafts like banners, pennants, or wall art inspired by your college.
  • Area Rug: Add an area rug with your school's logo or in your school colors.
  • Lighting: Use string lights or lamps with colors reflecting your college's theme.
  • These simple touches can transform your space into a personalized college haven.
  • To make your college dorm look nice:
  • Wall Art: Use posters, wall decals, or tapestries for visual appeal.
  • Storage Solutions: Organize with bins and under-bed storage.
  • Lighting: Add lamps or string lights for a cozy atmosphere.
  • Rugs: Place a rug for comfort and to define your space.
  • Personal Items: Display photos and personal touches.
  • Coordinate Colors: Opt for a cohesive color scheme.
  • Multi-Functional Furniture: Invest in furniture that serves first purposes.
  • These simple tips can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your college dorm.
Choose dorm room colors based on personal preference. Options include neutral tones for openness, soft pastels for a gentle touch, bold accents for vibrancy, earth tones for warmth, monochrome schemes for sophistication, or contrasting colors for visual interest. Ensure it aligns with the room's size, lighting, and any university guidelines.
  • A good gift for a college student depends on their interests and needs. Here are some versatile and thoughtful ideas:
  • Tech Gadgets: Items like portable chargers, noise-canceling headphones, or a quality laptop backpack.
  • Subscription Services: Provide entertainment or convenience with subscriptions to streaming services, food delivery, or book clubs.
  • Self-Care Items: Pamper them with items like a cozy blanket, skincare products, or a quality water bottle.
  • Coffee or Tea Set: A coffee maker, quality beans, or a stylish tea set for their caffeine needs.
  • Desk Accessories: Enhance their study space with organizers, desk lamps, or stylish stationery.
  • College Apparel: Clothing or accessories featuring their college logo or colors.
  • Books or E-Reader: Choose a popular book, or if they prefer digital reading, consider an e-reader.
  • Fitness Gear: Items like yoga mats, resistance bands, or a gym bag for staying active.
  • Cookware or Kitchen Gadgets: Quality cookware, utensils, or small kitchen appliances for dorm cooking.
  • Tailor the gift to their lifestyle and preferences to make it extra special.
  • When someone is going to college, consider practical and thoughtful items that will enhance their college experience. Here are some ideas:
  • Tech Essentials: Items like a laptop, tablet, or noise-canceling headphones.
  • Storage Solutions: Bins, organizers, or under-bed storage to maximize space.
  • School Supplies: Notebooks, pens, backpack, and other essentials for classes.
  • Desk Lamp: A good-quality desk lamp for studying.
  • Clothing and Laundry Essentials: Comfortable clothes, laundry basket, and detergent.
  • Cookware and Kitchen Supplies: Basic kitchen items like pots, pans, and utensils for dorm cooking.
  • Personal Care Items: Toiletries, towels, and a shower caddy for the communal bathroom.
  • Decor and Personal Touches: Posters, photos, or small decor items to personalize their space.
  • Gift Cards: Provide flexibility with cards for stores, restaurants, or online services.
  • Consider the individual's needs, the college's facilities, and any specific guidelines or restrictions when choosing gifts for someone heading to college.
  • Creating a college basket involves assembling items that are practical and enjoyable for a college student. Here are some ideas for what to include:
  • Coffee or Tea: Instant coffee, tea bags, or a reusable coffee mug for those late-night study sessions.
  • School Supplies: Notebooks, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and other essentials.
  • Tech Accessories: USB drives, phone charger, headphones, or a portable phone charger.
  • Personal Care Items: Toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a toothbrush.
  • Cozy Items: A soft blanket, comfy socks, or a small pillow for added comfort.
  • Laundry Essentials: Detergent pods, stain remover, and a laundry bag.
  • Kitchen Basics: Microwave-safe bowls, plates, utensils, and a reusable water bottle.
  • Gift Cards: Cards for coffee shops, local eateries, or online retailers.
  • Desk Supplies: Desk organizers, a desk lamp, or a small plant for their study space.
  • Tailor the basket to the recipient's preferences and needs, and consider any specific guidelines or restrictions for items in their college dorm.
  • A good college graduation gift is thoughtful and often reflects the graduate's transition to the next phase of life. Here are some ideas:
  • Technology: Upgrade their tech with a laptop, tablet, or the latest gadget.
  • Travel Experience: Consider a trip, travel voucher, or luggage for their post-graduation adventures.
  • Professional Attire: Gift a tailored suit, work-appropriate clothing, or a gift card to a clothing store.
  • Subscription Services: Provide a subscription to a magazine, streaming service, or a meal kit delivery.
  • Book Collection: A collection of books, especially those related to their field or personal interests.
  • Personalized Items: Customized items like engraved jewelry, a monogrammed leather portfolio, or personalized stationery.
  • Financial Assistance: A contribution towards student loans, a savings fund, or a financial planning session.
  • Home Essentials: Items for their new living space, such as kitchenware, bedding, or furniture.
  • Career Development: Courses, workshops, or a membership to a professional organization related to their field.
  • Consider the individual's goals, preferences, and the next steps in their life journey when selecting a graduation gift.