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Why Choose catstudio’s City-Themed Gifts?

Original Artwork 

Each city-themed design is hand-drawn and created with an insider's perspective, bringing the smallest details about cities to life. It’s a sure bet that you’ll be getting a unique gift for that special someone or give your visitors as a tangible keepsake.

Variety of Products 

Explore our collection of different products featuring iconic city landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the majestic New York City skyline. Our products make for a thoughtful and practical present. For instance, you can pair our dish towels with our wall art pieces adorned with images of the Big Apple, London, or Central Park.

Practical and Multi-Functional

Our city-themed products are multi-functional. For instance, you can use our drinking glasses for hydrating at your office desk, enjoying smoothies after a workout, making lemonade for the kids, or at a dinner party with friends. 

Perfect Gift Idea

Are you looking for a wedding gift, a Valentine's Day gift, a Christmas gift, or a housewarming gift? 

You can gift them a Brooklyn drinking glass, an Austin Birchwood tray, an NYC thermal tumbler, an Atlanta fine art print, and more! In fact, our thermal tumblers make the best travel gifts for those adventurous friends or family.

Are you still wondering what to give for which occasion? Our gift guide just cured your headache. 

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Catstudio makes it a breeze to celebrate your favorite cities through original art. Have questions? Check out our FAQ section for quick answers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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