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Try It Tuesday: Halloween Candy Glass Gift

A Sweet Halloween Treat!

We can't believe it's almost Halloween! And while this year may look a little different, it's so wonderful when we can find ways to connect while social distancing. Sending a sweet, thoughtful, and personal gift can do just the trick to let them know you're thinking of them!

Today, we're filling up a Germany glass with our favorite Halloween chocolates, wrapping it up, and tying it with a bow. The perfect little pick-me-up for friends and loved ones this fall - or any time really. The best part about this gift is that the recipient can enjoy a glass celebrating their hometown or favorite place after they've eaten up all the treats inside - making it an extra thoughtful and personalized gift. We hope you enjoy!

Halloween Candy Glass DIY

You'll Need:

  • 1 small bag of small candies or other goodies you'd like to include
  • 1 medium plastic gift bag
  • 1 ribbon or string
  • 1 catstudio glass your recipient will love!


  1. Fill your catstudio glass with candy or other goodies
  2. Place glass inside gift bag and tie with ribbon or string
  3. Give to a friend, neighbor, teacher, or family member who needs a smile this Halloween!

Trick or Treat!