Try It Tuesday: Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

We are sending so much love to all our grads this year. We know this isn't how you expected your graduation to look, but never forget all you've accomplished, the friends you've made, and the memories that will last forever.

To celebrate some of our favorite grads, we've created a simple collage using our Fine Art Prints as the centerpiece. Whether you're a proud parent, friend of a grad, or a grad yourself, this makes for a wonderful gift or way to celebrate - especially when many ceremonies and graduation parties have been cancelled or postponed this year.

We hope this DIY brightens your spirits and helps you look back fondly on all you've accomplished, and all that lies ahead for you. Best wishes!

Collegiate Collage Wall


  • Fine Art Print celebrating your alma mater
  • Blank wall, bulletin board, canvas, or even a large shadowbox to make your creation
  • Tassels, medals, honorary pins, patches, etc.
  • Diploma, honors certificates, photos with friends and professors, and more!
  • Confetti, stickers, ribbon, and more!
  • Pins, clips, double-stick tape, etc to hang your collection


  1. Gather your materials, crank up the tunes, and get crafty.
  2. Remember, there's no wrong way to collage so have fun!
  3. Hang your collage in a joyful place in your home, and enjoy the memories and pride for all you've accomplished.