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Hand-screen printed art, framed with hand-embroidery.
Packaged in giftable organdy pouch.

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I love Paris in the spring time... This original design celebrates the beautiful City of Paris in exquisite detail.

The design is silk-screened, then framed with a hand embroidered border on a 100% cotton dish towel / hand towel / guest towel / bar towel. Three stripes down both sides and hand dyed rick-rack at the top and bottom add a charming vintage touch. Delightfully presented in a fab organdy re-usable pouch!
*Packaged in organdy pouch
*100% Cotton
*Machine wash cold and line dry
*Measures 20" x 29"
*Made in India

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* Paris' Luxor Obelisk's point indicates international time making it the largest sundial in the world.
* When in 1370 the Tour de l'Horloge of the Conciergerie housed its clock it became the first public clock installed in Paris.
* Paris has only a few examples of middle-ages half-timbered houses remaining. Two of these 15th century houses are in Rue Francois Miron in the 4th arrondissement.
* Ian Flemming's character James Bond is apparently modeled after a real spy- MI6's man in Paris.
* Rome and Paris are sister cities and use the motto: "Only Paris is worthy of Rome; Only Rome is worthy of Paris."
* There is a smaller Statue of Liberty in Paris which faces the statue in America. This symbolizes the friendship between the two nations.
* There is reportedly only one stop sign in the city of Paris (at the exit of a building company in the 16th arrondissement).
* The city's name comes from the early inhabitants who were from the Gaul tribe of Parisii.
* The Sacr_-Coeur dome is the second-highest point in Paris and many tourists visit to see the panoramic views. The Basilica stands on a sacred site which has been a place of worship since the time of the Druids. The ancient Romans also built temples to Mars and Mercury on this special hill.
* Paris has served as the capital of France since 508 A.D. with only a brief four year period during WW II when German occupied France's capital city was Vichy.
* Paris is the most visited city in the world.
* The city is divided into 20 arrondissements. The first contains the Ile de la Cite, the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens. Two through Twenty spiral from the first outward in a clockwise direction.
* The gypsum plaster was used near the city for construction. This plaster was found to work well in medical situations, casts for broken bones, to this day it is refered to as 'Plaster of Paris.'
* Each Summer the banks of the Seine River are transformed into a beach (tons of sand is brought up the river on barges). This tradition is fairly new, started in 2002, so that Parisian families could afford a beach holiday within the city.
* The famous Eiffel Tower was created by Alexandre Gustav Eiffel in 1889, he created the internal frame of the Statue of Liberty several years before.
* Notre Dame Cathedral receives more visitors each year than the Eiffel Tower. The main bell in the bell tower of the cathedral weighs 13,000kg.

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