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New Mexico

Hand-Embroidered Pillow

Embroidered entirely by HAND: it takes 40+ hours to make one!

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In beautiful detail this original design celebrates the State of New Mexico - from Carlsbad Caverns to White Sands to Gila Forrest to Anasazi to Mescalero - it truly is the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT!

This pillow is entirely HAND embroidered on light tea-colored 100% organic cotton. Amazingly it can take up to one week to embroider one pillow! It is also unique in nature since each artisan incorporates a certain flair and signature to his/her work. Accented with black velvet piping.
*20" x 20"
*100% Organic cotton
*Poly form included
*Button closure
*Dry clean only
*Hand Embroidered and Made in India

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* The oldest western city founded and inhabited is Santa Fe, established in 1607.
* The world's largest international hot air balloon festival is held annually in Albuquerque.
* Santa Fe's 'Palace of Governors' was built in 1610, it is the oldest government building in the nation.
* In isolated villages in north-central New Mexico some descendants of Spanish conquistadors preserve a form of 16th century Spanish spoken no where else in the world today.
* The largest Native American group is the Navajo tribe, with 78,000 members. There is a Navajo reservation covering 14 million acres in the New Mexico area.
* The "Green Chile capital of the world" is Hatch, NM.
* Santa Fe is the highest capital city (7,000 ft above sea level) in the nation.
* From the Capulin Volcano crest (8,182ft) in Union County, NM, one can view five states: Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico.
* Located just north of Taos, NM, the Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously occupied communities in the nation. Residents still live in the 900 year old dwellings.
* The Rio Grande is the longest river in New Mexico and runs the entire length of the state.
* New Mexico has more residents with Ph.Ds than any other state in the nation (due in part to the many governmental and private research facilities).
* Roswell, NM, is famous for UFO sightings.
* Nearly 75% of the roads in New Mexico are unpaved.
* The Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM, is famous for an architectural marvel within its walls: the staircase. It was built between 1877 and 1881. The spiral staircase has no visible means of support, contains no glue or nails.

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