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Your favorite pillows... in MINI!

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Ah, bella Italia! This original design celebrates the beauty of Italy and its rich culture.

The design is woven, then sewn into a 4-inch pillow ornament (complete with workable buttons and a mini pillow form!), with a cord for hanging from a Christmas tree, doorknob - you name it!
*Measures 4" x 4"
*Made in Thailand

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* Italy has 15 minority languages officially recognized by the government including Sardinian, Friulian, Catalan, Occitan, French, Slovenian, Croatian, Albanian, and Greek.
* The small European countries of San Marino and Vatican City are enclaved within Italy.
* Europe's three active volcanoes are all in the Southern Italy: Mt. Etna, Mt. Stromboli, Mt. Vesuvius.
* Italians have a difficult time identifying with Italy as a single nation (although it was unified until 1870).
* The three colors on the Italian flag represent virtues: hope, faith, and charity.
* In the late 13th century in Italy, Salvino D'Armate invented the first wearable eyeglasses.
* William Shakespeare set 13 of his plays in Italy.
* The world's oldest bank still in operation is the "Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena" which was founded in 1472.
* Florence Cathedral has the largest brick dome ever constructed (c.1420).
* Italians invented the Violin, cello, and modern piano.
* There are more famous fashion designers from Italy than from any other country.
* Italy is roughly the size of Arizona.
* The city of Syracuse in Sicily was once the largest Ancient Greek city in the world.

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