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Hawaii Glass

Mix and match these collectible glasses to create a custom set.

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ALOHA! This original design celebrates the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Carmel Swan, one of the owners of catstudio, is a native of Hawaii - and she worked long hours to ensure the art truly captures the spirit of Aloha. We think it does!

The design is amazingly rendered with vibrant colors plus silver and gold on a high quality 15-ounce frosted tumbler. Cheers and bottoms up!
*15 ounces
*Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
*Made in Thailand

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* The tallest mountain in the world is in Hawaii: Mauna Kea. It is technically 32,000ft. High when measured from its base on the seafloor.
* Hawaii is the southernmost state in the USA.
* Hawaii has its own time zone, 10 hours behind GMT. Also, it is one of only two states that do not observe daylight saving time.
* Hawaii is the only state to have an increasing land area (the Big Island grows by approx. 42 acres each year due to the volcanic eruptions of Kilauea.
* Those born in Hawaii have the longest projected lifespans in the United States (77.1 years males: 82.5 years females).
* Mt. Waialeale on the island of Kauai is the rainiest location on the planet: averages 476 inches of rain per year.
* Hawaii is considered to be the most isolated population center on the planet (it is 2,390 miles away from the nearest continent (North America).
* By law no building is allowed to be built taller than a palm tree on the island of Kauai.
* The north shore of the island of Molokai is home to the world's largest sea cliffs (3,000 ft high).
* The Hawaiian archipelago is the longest island chain in the world (spans 1,523 miles).
* Hawaii has two official languages: Hawaiian and English.
* Hawaii is composed of 132 islands (8 main islands and 124 islets, reefs, and shoals).
* The Kilauea volcano is the largest and most active volcano on Earth.

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