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France Dish Towel

Hand-screen printed art, framed with hand-embroidery.
Packaged in giftable organdy pouch.

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Bonjour! This original design celebrates one of the world's treasures - France!

The design is silk-screened, then framed with a hand embroidered border on a 100% cotton dish towel / hand towel / guest towel / bar towel. Three stripes down both sides and hand dyed rick-rack at the top and bottom add a charming vintage touch. Delightfully presented in a fab organdy re-usable pouch!
*Packaged in organdy pouch
*100% Cotton
*Machine wash cold and line dry
*Measures 20" x 29"
*Made in India

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* France is 30% larger than the state of California.
* Sunny and warm Cannes, France is 10 miles farther north than Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
* The French Government bestows medals upon French Citizens who have "successfully raised several children with dignity."
* The Mosque of Paris helped Jews escape the Nazis by giving them Muselim ID cards during World War II.
* France shares boundaries with eight countries: Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, Monaco.
* The distress code "Mayday" is derived from the French word for help me "M'aide!"
* France is the most visited country in the world with nearly 85 million tourists each year.
* The guillotine was a legal form of execution in France until 1981 when the country abolished capital punishment.
* The world's first public zoo was created at the Jardin des Plantes during the French Revolution. Exotice animals were to be donated by private collections for the purpose of public education.
* French is the second most studied language in the world after English.
* The Millau Bridge in southern France is the world's tallest bridge and France's tallest structure (it stands 1,125ft above the ground).
* French Guiana and the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, and Reunion are also recognized as a part of France.
* Modern day handkerchiefs are square because of King Louis XIV's 1685 decree that "The length of handkerchiefs shall equal their width, throughout my entire kingdom."
* Eleanor of Aquitaine is the only woman in history to have been married to both the King of France and the King of England.
* The stripes of the French flag are of equal width, an exception is the Navy version of the flag where the red stripe is the largest of the three.
* Dom Perignon and his colleagues first believed that the bubbles in Champagne were a defect and tried to eliminate them until they tasted the sparkling wine and discovered the magic.
* The Grande Galerie of the Louvre was built in 1607 for King Henri IV so that on rainy days the King could hold miniature fox hunts indoors. Rocks, trees, and grass were moved indoors to make it as real as possible.

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