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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Illinois known for?

Illinois is known for:
  • Chicago: The state's largest city, known for its architecture, cultural institutions, and diverse cuisine.
  • The Windy City: Nickname for Chicago, emphasizing its windy weather.
  • Deep-dish Pizza: A unique and popular style of pizza associated with Chicago.
  • The Sears Tower (Willis Tower): An iconic skyscraper in Chicago.
  • Abraham Lincoln: The 16th U.S. President, who began his political career in Illinois.
These factors contribute to Illinois' cultural, culinary, and historical significance.

What city is known as the Windy City?

Chicago, Illinois, is commonly known as the "Windy City." The nickname is not primarily due to its weather, as many people might assume. Instead, it originated from the city's long history of political discourse and was originally meant to describe the city's politicians, who were considered to be "full of hot air" or boastful. Despite this origin, Chicago can indeed experience windy weather, particularly in the winter months, given its location near Lake Michigan.