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Your favorite pillows... in MINI!

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The Heart of Dixie! This original design celebrates the State of Alabama.

The design is woven, then sewn into a 4-inch pillow ornament (complete with workable buttons and a mini pillow form!), with a cord for hanging from a Christmas tree, doorknob - you name it!
*Measures 4" x 4"
*Made in Thailand

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* Mobile Bay (on the coast) claims to be the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the USA.
* There is a Coon Dog cemetery in NW Alabama between Red Bay and Tuscumbia.
* Huntsville, AL, is known as the rocket capital of the world. Alabama workers built the first rocket for humans to travel to the moon.
* The world's largest cast iron statue, The Vulcan, is in Birmingham, AL. The statue is 56ft tall and weighs 120,000 pounds.
* In Magnolia Springs, Alabama, the community is served by mail boats on an all-water mail route.
* In 1955 when Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to stand on a bus in Montgomery, was arrested and appealed her conviction, she was the first to formally challenge the legality of segregation. This was a landmark action in the American Civil Rights movement. Mrs. Parks is known as the mother of the freedom movement.
* Alabama's 'Racking Horse' is the only horse in the world with a unique 'single-foot' gait. The horse is known for its beauty, stamina, and calm disposition.
* Enterprise, AL, is famous for its Boll Weevil Monument. It is the world's only insect pest monument.

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