A Note from Terrell & Carmel Swan, owners of catstudio:
Have you seen our amazing hand-embroidered LONDON pillow? It has all the iconic places which we Americans love like the V&A Museum, and also includes some great British stores, like Liberty’s and Paul Smith. Paul Smith has long been one of our favorite shops – & we have a long history with Sir Paul: in the 80’s when we used to own Cotton Club, 3 fashionable, contemporary stores in Houston, we bought the Paul Smith line for our men’s store when Paul himself first brought it over across the Pond. Since then, we’ve followed his luminous career skyrocket across the fickle fashion hemisphere. His creative genius and sense of humor clothes the hip English dandy to Manolo shod ladies, and he is now THE taste-maker for all stylish thingsĀ  – including gifts, home and even automobiles. We thought Sir Paul would like to see our little ode to him on our pillow, so we completely painted a box with a ‘heart loving crocodile’ enclosing the pillow, and sent it off in the mail (we LOVE the mail system, especially when it’s called the “Royal Mail” in UK).

Click here to see Terrell & Carmel’s creation on the wonderful Paul Smith blog, which needless to say is a real honor to be mentioned.

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