award-winning designs

We’re oh-so proud to announce that we received the AmericasMart ICON Honors 2014 Medal of Excellence Honor!

On May 6th, we got the call: Terrell & Carmel are finalists for the ICON Honors awards. Ginny, Sierra, and Rachel had nominated them for the 2nd year in a row, and were beyond thrilled to deliver the news. T&C were a bit overwhelmed by the attention at first, but quickly became excited about the opportunity to share their story. And as Carmel put it, “The product is so darn wonderful, and our little company is made up of such amazing individuals, that it is a reflection on the WHOLE, not just us two.”

On May 22nd, two black SUVs pulled up to our Petaluma office, filled with our new friends from AmericasMart and a talented film crew. A whirlwind of pillows, coffee/pastries, and lots and lots of talking ensued – and less than 2 hours later, the crew pulled away with what we hope was some great footage. A bit dazed, the question we were all asking ourselves: “Did we really win?”award-winning designsFast-forward to the evening of July 10th at the lovely Atlanta Marriott Marquis: We’re all dressed to the nines and surrounded by some of our close friends, all while enjoying a nice meal and an exclusive Heart concert. The colorful blue trophies are lined up and lit up across the stage. After some amazing companies are introduced and awarded (including Mud Pie and Vera Bradley), we’re up – the LAST award of the night. Our video appears on the big screens, and our table erupts in applause, smiles, and happy tears. To our surprise, we’ve won one of the most prestigious awards: the Medal of Excellence Honor. “The AmericasMart Medal of Excellence Honor celebrates catstudio‘s landmark contributions to the gift and home industry. The Honor additionally recognizes catstudio‘s creation of the product genre for which it is universally known.” Terrell & Carmel took the stage, and graciously accepted the award. Watch the full video here (including Terrell’s acceptance speech):

It still feels like the whole thing was a dream, but a beautiful trophy is proudly sitting in our office as proof. And we have you to thank for that – for all your love and support over the years. YOU are a big part of what makes catstudio so special!

Have you heard of a movie called Star Wars? An amazing visionary named George Lucas? Or news of the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney? Of course you have. Did you know that Mr. Lucas is also a really great gift-giver?

We are excited to share that catstudio was selected by Lucasfilm for a “Top Secret Project”- creating a custom pillow highlighting the “World of Lucasfilm.” Our pillow was given to each employee as their Christmas gift along with an iPad and iPhone.

Many articles highlighted the “Best Employee Christmas Gift”, with one article from Business Insider commenting, “You can get those Apple gadgets anywhere, but that pillow is priceless.”

Through catstudio, Lucasfilm was able to eternalize and celebrate themselves as such an innovative and creative company. What an amazing honor – That’s a gift in itself!