As of March 2010, our population is 309 million. We’re living on 3.5 million square miles of mountains, plains, valleys, and seacoasts with 500,000 earthquakes in California each year.

Interestingly, we’re the 3rd largest country in both size and population. We’re 2 ½ times the size of Western Europe, slightly larger than China, and ½ the size of South America.

One thing we’ve got plenty of (in some places) is water! The Great Lakes contain about 1/5 of the fresh water on Earth! Most of that fresh water ends up pouring over Niagara Falls at the rate of 750,000 gallons per second. You might be interested in knowing that Annie Taylor (& her cat) were first in 1901 to go over the falls in a device (a homemade wooden barrel) and survive.

From Cold to Hot, the highest point is Mt. McKinley, Alaska at 20,320 feet and the lowest is Death Valley at minus 282 feet. What a country!

We have cacti growing over 50 feet tall and weighing 10 tons! Birds with wingspans of up to 9.5 feet! Canyons a mile deep and rivers over 2,500 miles long. We’ve got trees over 4,600 years old and another tree that’s 36 stories tall! And by the way, two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four. One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. One acre of trees removes up to 2.6 tones of carbon dioxide each year. It seems like it’s not a bad idea to hug a tree.

Then after talking and thinking and planning and drawing and redrawing, we’ve squeezed America into 432 sq. inches (or 18” x 24”)…and after a supercalifragalisticly HUGE amount of blood, sweat & embroidery, we’ve got a masterpiece just for you!

Now here’s a fun, easy, and personalized DIY gift! A geography glass filled with sweets! And the best part is after the candy’s all gone, your special someone has a fabulous glass to keep.

Take one catstudio frosted glass and fill it with colorful candy. Wrap it with cellophane and tie off with ribbon. Voila!
Not only is this gift under $15 – it’s wonderfully customizable. Choose a glass your recipient will appreciate – the place they grew up, a favorite vacation spot, etc. (we have over 100 designs to choose from!).