With the world population at nearly 7 billion people, Santa needs more help! So the kind Penguins of the South Pole volunteer to help train reindeer, build gingerbread houses, and more!

The Story of the South Pole

“Oh my goodness!” said Santa, as he contemplated the world’s population catapulting toward 7 Billion. “We NEED help! My elves are at the breaking point!” Then, as if a divine sign, an iceberg from the South Pole floated up to the southern shore of the North Pole with the cutest little Penguin on top. “Hi, I’m Petie. Pray tell, where am I?”
Santa (who sees and knows all in North Pole territory) said, “Ho, ho, ho, little fellow – you’ve floated a long way from your home! You’re at the opposite end of the world – the North Pole!” Then Santa gave Petie a grand tour of his workshop. Petie had so much fun playing with the merry elves, and was fascinated by all the candy, toys and gadgets. He couldn’t believe that Santa and his elves were able to make so many gifts for all the children in the world each and every year.

It was then that Santa confessed that he and his elves were having a hard time keeping up. “There’s a baby boom going on, and we really need more help…but I don’t know who could help us…” Petie scratched his feathered head, and then had a super duper idea. “Why, we penguins would love to help!” Petie exclaimed. “We’re always so bored down at the South Pole. All we do is slide around on our bellies all day long.”Penguins-02

Thus, Santa flew Petie in his sleigh back to his Mama & Clan at the South Pole, and with great rejoicing, a deal was struck. The penguins all agreed that helping Santa would be much more fun than huddling in a circle for hours on end. As they formulated plans for building the S.P. branch workshop, Santa had an idea. “Ho, ho, ho – I have an ‘in’ with the good people at catstudio. I should get them to do a special Pillow and Dish Towel to give you penguins a bit of PR!” The penguins were overjoyed and hopped and squawked about like a group of excited children on Christmas morning.

Penguins-03Dear customers, now you know the true story. And guess what? You, too, are helping to get the wordout about the kindness and helpfulness of the penguins who make Santa’s job easier.

Merry Christmas to all!

Have you heard of a movie called Star Wars? An amazing visionary named George Lucas? Or news of the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney? Of course you have. Did you know that Mr. Lucas is also a really great gift-giver?

We are excited to share that catstudio was selected by Lucasfilm for a “Top Secret Project”- creating a custom pillow highlighting the “World of Lucasfilm.” Our pillow was given to each employee as their Christmas gift along with an iPad and iPhone.

Many articles highlighted the “Best Employee Christmas Gift”, with one article from Business Insider commenting, “You can get those Apple gadgets anywhere, but that pillow is priceless.”

Through catstudio, Lucasfilm was able to eternalize and celebrate themselves as such an innovative and creative company. What an amazing honor – That’s a gift in itself!