With the world population at nearly 7 billion people, Santa needs more help! So the kind Penguins of the South Pole volunteer to help train reindeer, build gingerbread houses, and more!

The Story of the South Pole

“Oh my goodness!” said Santa, as he contemplated the world’s population catapulting toward 7 Billion. “We NEED help! My elves are at the breaking point!” Then, as if a divine sign, an iceberg from the South Pole floated up to the southern shore of the North Pole with the cutest little Penguin on top. “Hi, I’m Petie. Pray tell, where am I?”
Santa (who sees and knows all in North Pole territory) said, “Ho, ho, ho, little fellow – you’ve floated a long way from your home! You’re at the opposite end of the world – the North Pole!” Then Santa gave Petie a grand tour of his workshop. Petie had so much fun playing with the merry elves, and was fascinated by all the candy, toys and gadgets. He couldn’t believe that Santa and his elves were able to make so many gifts for all the children in the world each and every year.

It was then that Santa confessed that he and his elves were having a hard time keeping up. “There’s a baby boom going on, and we really need more help…but I don’t know who could help us…” Petie scratched his feathered head, and then had a super duper idea. “Why, we penguins would love to help!” Petie exclaimed. “We’re always so bored down at the South Pole. All we do is slide around on our bellies all day long.”Penguins-02

Thus, Santa flew Petie in his sleigh back to his Mama & Clan at the South Pole, and with great rejoicing, a deal was struck. The penguins all agreed that helping Santa would be much more fun than huddling in a circle for hours on end. As they formulated plans for building the S.P. branch workshop, Santa had an idea. “Ho, ho, ho – I have an ‘in’ with the good people at catstudio. I should get them to do a special Pillow and Dish Towel to give you penguins a bit of PR!” The penguins were overjoyed and hopped and squawked about like a group of excited children on Christmas morning.

Penguins-03Dear customers, now you know the true story. And guess what? You, too, are helping to get the wordout about the kindness and helpfulness of the penguins who make Santa’s job easier.

Merry Christmas to all!

“There is only one way to create a true masterpiece – by hand.”hand-embroidered
Our hand-embroidered pillows are the “sun” of our catstudio universe, where all else revolves around. Their specialness cannot be described in words, they must be seen and held to really appreciate the “art” involved.

  • Each pillow takes about a week to create by HAND.
  • Embroidery is done by experienced and talented artisans who are paid fairly and treated well.
  • The art is embroidered on 100% organic cotton.
  • As many as 30 colors of thread are used to create the rich and textural design.


(un)common objectives and product concerns

  • These pillows are way too expensive!
    Did you know that each pillow is embroidered by HAND on organic cotton? It takes up to 1 week to make just one! If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality gift (for yourself or someone else) that will stand the test of time – there’s nothing else like this. It’s a piece of art for $158.00. You get what you pay for.
  • Would this make a good gift for ________?
    Absolutely! catstudio is for Everyone. Men, women, children, young and old; catstudio is ageless. It is the perfect, unique gift for any occasion.
  • Will this go in my cottage, villa, beach house, cabin, penthouse apartment…?
    A catstudio pillow can be a joyful pop of color on an ultra-modern chaise, the centerpiece of a cozy family room, a welcoming addition to a rustic guest bed… it just works!
  • Do you have a pillow for ________?
    We just might – we have 162 designs and counting! Take a look on our website for  your favorite place. And if we don’t have it, it could be in the works – just email us here.
  • Can I wash my pillow?
    Dry cleaning is the only safe way to clean your pillow. Due to the nature of the vibrantly colored dyes, any kind of moisture can lead to bleeding.

A family road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, your aunt’s house in San Francisco, college in NYC, that year abroad in Paris, a ski vacation to Colorado, or your honeymoon to Italy. catstudio celebrates the journey of living all around the world, a recent move, or simply the most precious place: home. When you purchase a catstudio pillow, not only are you buying a high-quality product – you are bringing home a piece nostalgia. Memories. An emotional connection.

Enjoy the journey!