the facts

ORDER MINIMUM We require an order minimum of $36.00. That's 2 dish towels or 2 mugs... or any combination of products you can dream up (as long as it adds up to $36.00 or more).

SHIPPING & HANDLING We ship Ground, Second Day Air and Next Day Air. Cost is automatically calculated by the shopping cart according to order total (see below)


2nd Day Air

(2 Business Days)

Next Day Air

(1 Business Day)

Order Amount Ship Order Amount Ship Order Amount Ship
from $0 to $49.
from $0 to $49.
from $0 to $49.
from $50. to $149.
from $50. to $149.
from $50. to $149.
from $150. to $299. FREE from $150. to $299. $42. from $150. to $299. $62.
$300. and up FREE $300. and up $42. $300. and up $62.

INTERNATIONAL DESTINATIONS  We really, really want to, but at present, we do NOT ship to destinations outside the USA, with the exception of Canada and Mexico.

AIR SHIPMENT ORDERS (2nd Day and Next Day Air) placed before12 Noon PST Monday-Friday will be shipped out that day. AIR ORDERS received after
12 Noon PST or on Saturday/Sunday will go out the next business day.

GROUND ORDERS will ship within 2-3 business days after receipt.

PAYMENT We accept Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and gold teeth.

REFUNDS/EXCHANGES We can't imagine why you would need to, but if you must, please make sure to specify if you want a refund or exchange on the inside of your return package. Returns should be sent to the Petaluma address from whence it came (prepaid please). All refunds will be made to the account on which it was purchased. And we'll think you're just the bee's knees if your return or exchange is done within 2 weeks of your receipt.

SECURITY/PRIVACY You can rest assured that this site is absolutely secure and watertight, so that your credit card transactions are safe. Also, we respect your privacy and we will not try to grab or grub a few pennies by selling your info. We won't even give it away for free.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE All our designs are Original and Copyrighted. This means, quite simply, that a design cannot be reproduced in any way without our written permission (without being pummeled with a persimmon & legal consequences).

WHOLESALE INQUIRIES Please call 707-778-1100x1 or visit us online at