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geography collection story

Hi there! catstudio is oh so proud to acquaint you with The Geography Collection, which features original & copyrighted art on pillows, drinking glasses, dish towels, tees, trays, totes and beach towels. A great deal of work goes into each product, as we take our lead from Thomas Edison who said, "Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration."

The Pillows, our “Grand ‘ol Dames,” are entirely hand embroidered, and can take up to one week to create. The Drinking Glasses are printed with an amazing 8 lead-free colors. The Dish Towels are printed and framed with hand embroidery & come packaged for gifting. The Travel Art Tees are on organic cotton using the softest printing technique. The Geo Totes are incredibly versatile carryalls, strong and chic. The Beach Towels are some of the most colorful, delightful towels you can ever imagine.

All in all, whichever product(s) you are attracted to, they are delightful keepsakes for remembering the hometown you grew up in, or perhaps to commemorate your honeymoon, or some wonderful vacation spot. Great for gift giving, they can proudly proclaim cousin Billy Bob as a son of Texas or Woody Allen as a diehard New Yorker. And as you can imagine, they are all unusual conversational pieces, whether displayed in a home, office, tee pee or... you tell us! We'd love to know where they end up - please feel free to e-mail us your stories or what you would like to see included in this collection.

It's your turn to hit the road, where would you like to go today?