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Our Riviera Bags are a collaboration between catstudio and Sabala - a fair trade non-profit society in remote Southern India set up to provide opportunities to widows and economically challenged women to learn skills (while reviving traditional tribal crafts) and translate those skills into productive activities that generate income.


Wonderful bamboo loungewear that you'll want to wear outside as well. Bamboo is a natural renewal resource. Comfort, fashion and eco-consciousness!

Amy's Kitchen
Delicious, organic, healthy meals that we depend on! Terrell's gluten intolerant system loves the no-cheese-rice-crust pizza, and the rice mac-n-cheese -- yum!

ORE (Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment)
Your donations will go straight to the heart of providing immediate help for earthquake victims in Haiti.
Mission Statement: ORE is working to improve environmental, agricultural and economic conditions in rural Haiti. In the wake of the recent national disaster, the catastrophic earthquake, ORE is focused on efforts to stabilize the population and offer all available assistance to reduce suffering. Our development projects involve high revenue tree crops, improved seeds, cash crops and marketing programs - designed to increase yields and income, produce nutritionally rich foods, and to protect the environment. As Haiti emerges from its current disaster, these programs will play an important role in long-term recovery.