Geo Totes

From the success of our pillows, we ventured forth to put our designs on our “Geo” Totes. These are not ordinary flimsy things that you might use now and then, these Totes are built to excel at a number of tasks at hand, from carrying your mobile office, to exercise gear, to a sturdy carry-on for your next trip, besides a multitude of other uses. We found an ├╝ber wonderful machine embroiderer who could create the quality we demanded for the designs using up to 18 thread colors and taking 10 hours for each one, and then had them built by an expert luggage maker. Made with 4 ample pockets on the inside, and 1 zip pocket on the outer with an earbud-wire hole for cool factor. They secure at the top with a zipper, and the black handles are strong and chic. Once you carry one, you’ll wonder how you ever went through life without it! To learn more about The Geography Collection and our design process, please click here.